WOEC is the abbreviation of World Order Encryption Currency. Taking each of the initials, it was made into WOEC.

The meaning is “Encryption currency to bring world order”. The world order solves the problems that occur in the world by certain rules and procedures, or rules and procedures when it can be regarded as being processed. Alternatively, it refers to that of the stable state of the world obtained in that way. In the world today, the financial industry is going through huge changes with the introduction of virtual currency. Yes, virtual currency becomes a thing that would change the concept of the conventional money, the quality itself of the bank and various settlements begun to change significantly. It is believed to be exactly the new world order.

In the first place, what in the world is the virtual currency?

In the first place, what in the world is the virtual currency?

According to Wikipedia,

virtual currency is described as "a currency that does not have a guarantee of value by a particular nation to be a legal currency."

In addition,

"the European Central Bank's seems to give a definition in 2012 as “although it’s uncontrollable, but they are electronic money that has been accepted in a special virtual community”. The United States Department of the Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), gave the position and antonym as “real money” to virtual currency in 2013. They announced the guidance as having without value as legal tender in any legal organization. Furthermore in 2014, the European Banking Authority gave a definition to virtual currency as “not something issued by central banks and public authorities (including the fiat money) in representation of digital value, but something digitally acceptable to the general public that can be used to trading”. In Japan, in has been described as not to have any legal definition at the time of 2014.

In other words, every country is commonly saying that virtual currency is “that kind of thing is not money”.
At this point.

However, virtual currency is gradually gaining citizenship starting with the internet users of the world. It is certainly gaining the “value as real money” in the speed that almost cannot be controlled by institutions called central banks and every country’s big shots. Virtual currency will exist as real money in the real sense, as people’s money issued by the people, recognized by the people, and not a legal tender issued by the central bank that a country recognized. It is also thought of as the “lump of justice”. The one that join the ranks that execute such virtual currency is the encryption currency WOEC.

Encryption currency refers to the virtual currency that used the block chain technology.

Block chain technology is the technology in creating a difficult network without placing centralization to the destruction and falsification by distributing the data to a computer that is scattered all over the world. The system of distributed model is the technology creating the network that can never be destroyed, by placing the data to the computer scattered all over the world. Furthermore, by making that distributed model into an authenticating system, it can achieve the agreement with credibility even if the centralization is absent. This is the block chain technology, the basic concept of block chain.

Block chain technology

By the way, to stop this dispersion system is, whether a meteorite would fall down from space that is enough to destroy the entire planet, a large-scale disaster would occur, as the equipment of the whole world is destroyed. It’s impossible to achieve as long as you do not destroy all the PCs and servers that once hold the data. If even one personal computer or server remains, the block chain would be able to revive while replicating.

The role of the block chain in the virtual currency is not placed in the central bank, also without intervention, and without need all of those, it’s in the place where the circulation of the currency would be accurately and safely realized. The currencies issued by countries such as legal tender and positioned Dollar, Yen and Euro, if the country becomes bankrupt, that currency’s value itself will be gone and end up like a piece of paper. However, the encryption currency, even if the publisher went bankrupt, without relationship to such country’s bankruptcy, the currency itself will not be insolvent, the currency’s value will continue to be preserved. The currency that will continue to exist forever, as long as the data scattered all over the world remains. That is the encryption currency.

Encryption currency is the New world order in the financial industry, a “door at its cornerstone” that will build a new world.

WOEC is created as a currency to buy that role.

However, our company will not stop to a company that simply issues the encryption currency. We purchased the WOEC by mere speculative purposes. There is no intention to end in a temporary bubble. Using our block chain technology, we will continue to development a variety of authentication system. In addition, we would like to continue to freely provide even outside of our block chain technology.

Our Company is a company that develops and provides the block chain system. We hope for you think that WOEC is the currency which that company has issued.