WOEC Currency Issuance Method

We will not sell or trade WOEC currency in this site. The WOEC currency will be issued as a consideration for those who have engaged in WOEC in some way, such as establishing wallets, affiliates, mining, using WOEC compliant services, project participations, etc. Why not you open a wallet first and issue WOEC currency?

WOEC currency issuance method

We will not buy, sell or trade WOEC currency in this site. Also, we will procure funds earlier in ICO etc., and we will not do anything like issuing tokens instead. Please check the services and projects that will be released in the future, if you can expect the future of WOEC, please participate as a volunteer. The WOEC currency will be issued as new WOEC currency as a consideration for those who have engaged in WOEC in some way, such as opening a wallet, using affiliate, using WOEC compatible services, project participations.

Opening WOEC wallet (free)

New issuing method 1: Opening WOEC wallet (free)

You can easily open a WOEC wallet by entering only your name and email address. After about 10 seconds the opening of the account is completed and the account number issued to the registered e-mail address and information on WOEC Wallet will be sent. When you open a WOEC Wallet and submit the necessary documents for opening, we will present 1 WOEC at the time of completion of approval.


New issuance method 2: Affiliate

Sign in the affiliate registration as an affiliate, and we will pay 1 WOEC as a reward to affiliates who have done PR for WOEC wallet. By all means, do as many PR as you can of WOEC Wallet and get a lot of WOEC currency. We will also enhance the WOEC service so that you can become a WOEC millionaire. We will increase the asset value of the WOEC currency.

Participate in the project

New issuance method 3: Participate in the project

WOEC was born as "Block Chain Solution Service Created public opinion and Voluntary contributions". WOEC, an encryption currency using block chain technology makes all currency’s border borderless, making safe and secure deposits and remittances by non-anonymity as a universal single currency.

WOEC Wallet aims at next-generation bank management, next-generation payment business, aims at the world's highest identity card that can collectively manage various identity certificates such as passport, driver's license, resident's card and payments with one WOEC Wallet. Remittances, settlements, various certificate management, storage of rights, even overseas travel can also be realized.

But for that, we must clear a number of tasks. We are looking for volunteers who can cooperate in order to clear the tasks for each project. We will pay WOEC according to the resource as a reward for volunteers who cooperated. If you can anticipate the future of WOEC, please participate as a volunteer and claim the WOEC currency. The WOEC currency you receive may be many times the value of the reward you will receive.