Establishment history

Our executive officers, is composed of four people, each were able to put themselves to the financial industry. It’s a variety of a platform development of the security company as a programmer, or a provider or Forex dealing system, a programmer of Forex-related WEB services, or a developer of Forex automated trading software, or a FX Introducing Broker, or WEB marketer. And, together with four people of veteran class with more than 10 years of experience in the foreign exchange industry that have entered.

There is a long history to the establishment and existence of WOEC.

There is a long history to the establishment and existence of WOEC.

I think that this history will be one of the information for the customers to be able to understand our Company. While each is putting themselves in the financial industry, while repeatedly asking themselves each individual roles and responsibilities, they committed themselves to the development and improvement of the financial industry, not just in the foreign exchange, but they started to be aware of the overall picture of the financial industry. One individual started to aim for the development of virtual currency, another one aims for the bank management, and another aims for the development of block chain. Meanwhile, the opportunity that would greatly move the financial industry was held in Chi Minh City, Vietnam in April 2016.

It’s the FinTech Summit 2016.

Since each holds a name in the foreign exchange industry, their acquaintance goes long way back. They already have made success over large projects as a partner. It doesn’t need that much time to pull out answers to what they are aiming for in the future.

  • Virtual currency development
    Virtual currency development
  • Bank management
    Bank management
  • Block chain development
    Block chain development

They perform the presentation to each axis keyword. And they reached one conclusion. This is the WOEC.
That's right. This WOEC was born in the FinTech Summit 2016 at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in April 2016.

WOEC is, standing at the center of the FinTech industry, at the Company's block chain technology, while the developing and providing a variety of authentication system, aimed at the world’s number one block chain solutions, while increasing the value of WOEC and growth of the financial industry, we are thinking of aiming for the bank management.