WOEC Currency Update Notice

Today is the notice of update on WOEC Currency.

WOEC is based on blockchain technology, the platform functions are implemented on an encrypted P2P network.

This makes it possible to execute transactions safely and securely because the system operates autonomously without centralization. However, since the anonymity is maintained in this, the original intention of the block chain has not been grasped.

Therefore, WOEC embeds the encrypted personal information in the currency itself from November 2018 as described in the white paper, and also manages the personal information in the server while maintaining good decentralization while maintaining centrality, we have developed as a non-anonymous currency as a system, and succeeded in making it non-anonymizing in April 2019.

As the update was completed at 10:00 am on June 3, 2019, it will be renewed as a new WOEC currency.

We apologize to those who have already established a WOEC wallet, but please kindly request to set up again a Wallet below.

Click here to open a WOEC wallet↓

That would be all.