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Matters addressed concerning privacy protection of WOEC PTE. LTD

Infringement of personal information is now a social problem. WOEC PTE. LTD (hereinafter referred to as "Our Company") recognizes the protection of personal information as a serious social responsibility and carries out the following measures to properly operate it.

  1. We will set up "person in charge of personal information management" about personal information of customers, suppliers, our officers and employees, we will determine the handling and appropriate protection.
  2. We will acquire personal information by appropriate means, limited to the extent necessary for our business. At the time of acquisition, we will clarify the purpose of acquisition and use, the point of contact for inquiries, and obtain personal information.
  3. Personal information will not be used or provided outside the scope of obtaining consent at the time of acquisition except for instructions based on law.
  4. We will take safety measures against threats such as unauthorized access to personal information, leakage of personal information, loss or damage. In the event that the threat becomes obvious, we will endeavor to rectify the safety measures.
  5. When delegating work of handling personal information to other companies, we will make appropriate contracts, guidance and management for contractors so as to observe use, provision and safety management based on consent when acquiring personal information.
  6. When requested by the principal to disclose, correct, change or delete the scope of provision of the personal information held by the Company, Also, in case of receiving a complaint or consultation from the principal regarding this, we will promptly respond to reasonable scope after letting us to properly verify your identity.
  7. About customer information and employee information handled by us, our company will comply with the applicable laws and regulations and the guidelines and other norms prescribed by the national government, manage and correct necessary measures so that appropriate operation is carried out and continuously review and improve the personal information protection management system.

Contact window on personal information
WOEC PTE. LTD (contact for personal information)
E-mail:[email protected]

January 1, 2017

About the handling of personal information

1: Personal information support window

WOEC PTE. LTD (contact for personal information)
E-mail:[email protected]

2: Treatment of personal information

  • Personal information is information on individuals that refers to information that can identify a specific individual such as name, date of birth, sex, telephone number, e-mail address, occupation, place of work and so on.
  • Our company will comply with laws and other norms concerning personal information including personal information protection law concerning handling of personal information
  • Our company, in order to handle customer's personal information appropriately, set up efforts on personal information protection, educate employees. In addition to maintaining appropriate handling, we will continuously review and improve on such efforts
  • In collecting, using and providing personal information, we will handle properly according to prescribed rules.

We will not handle personal information beyond the purpose of use without your consent. In addition, when providing / disclosing personal information to a third party, we will do according to the procedures specified by laws and ordinances.

3: Purpose of use of personal information to be acquired

For the following purposes, we will collect and use personal information (including analysis, statistics etc.) only within that scope.

  • Various settings for server equipment, payment agency, membership, operations required to provide or stop our services.
  • To comply with laws and ordinances.
  • To respond to inquiries of personal information.
  • To identity verification.
  • Other than that, in order to execute transactions and contracts with customers properly and smoothly.
  • In order to appropriately and smoothly implement recruitment, personnel management, welfare services, public relations activities, and employment management, applicants, and employees.
  • Improve existing services, existing products and/ or develop new services and new products.
  • Provide information that seems to be beneficial and necessary to customers, such as announcement of new service, maintenance (including failure information) etc.
  • After canceling service, collect opinions for inquiries, confirmation, and improvement of services from our company which is necessary for business performance.
  • For guidance and advertisement of information on services and other services offered by our company and group company.
  • Correspond to various inquiries.

4: Third party provision

  • We will never disclose or provide personal information to third parties without obtaining prior agreement of customers unless they are based on legal reasons or other reasonable reasons.
  • We will oblige third parties that provide personal information based on the above 5 to enforce stringent management of personal information at the same level as our company and will do so by contract.

5: Outsourcing handling of personal information

We may consign the collection and management of customer's personal information to the system management company.

6: Options on the submission of personal information

Submission of personal information is left to your discretion. However, if you cannot submit required items, you may not be able to use our services.

7: Use of cookie · External link

  • On our website, apply for cookies and products, they are used to investigate trends of users and others. Please understand that the functions that can be used on this website may be restricted if you do not use cookies.
  • We will use the access log file to investigate user's trend. By doing this, we can obtain statistical site usage information on IP address, referrer information etc., but we will never use it for collecting and analyzing personal information.
  • This website contains links to several external sites, but it does not share personal information. We are not responsible for collecting personal information carried out on linked website, so please be sure to refer to the personal information protection policy of linked website.

8: Procedure to respond to requests for disclosure and others of personal information

With regards to your personal information, in case of a request for disclosure, a request for notification of usage purpose, a request for correction, a request for addition, a request for deletion, suspension of use or suspension of provision of third party, other questions concerning personal information, please contact the following inquiry window or your sales department in charge about offering opinions and others.

Procedure for requesting disclosure of personal information

We will respond to requests for disclosure and others, regarding the customer's personal information owned by our company. For details, please refer to the request for disclosure below.

About request for disclosure and others

To make a request such as disclosure, please contact the following disclosure request window by telephone or e-mail.

Disclosure request window

WOEC PTE. LTD (contact for personal information)
E-mail:[email protected]

About complaint request

E-mail: [email protected]